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How we can help you


Unexplained Fertility Issues

It’s extremely frustrating when everyone is telling you everything is fine and it is still not happening.  We dig deeper to help you understand the often overlooked areas that, when addressed, help you go from unexplained to pregnant.


Endometriosis can impact the ability to conceive but some women aren’t aware that they have it. Some women have it removed and still don’t conceive.  Find out what underlying issues related to endometriosis can still create an issue with conceiving even after the endometriosis is removed.


Becoming a mum is not just about getting pregnant. Our Pregnancy Wellness program continues the holistic health care that you’ve started in your preconception/fertility phase. The focus is to ensure your optimal physical, emotional and mental health as you are pregnant and preparing for motherhood. We consider your baby’s developmental needs to ensure their long term health too. Pregnancy Wellness is designed to help you on the biggest transition you’ll ever go through, knowing that even if you’ve dreamed of your baby for a really long time, it still brings its own physical and emotional challenges. Your appointments are between 2-6 weeks apart depending on your stage of pregnancy.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries)

Up to 20% of women are dealing with PCOS and for some it can impact fertility.  But this diagnosis is not the end of the road for those trying to conceive.  We follow the research that reveals how you can enhance your chance to conceive with PCOS

Fertility over 35, Fertiliity over 40

Women are being told they are running out of eggs once they hit their thirties but that is not necessarily what research truly reveals.  On the Baby Maker’s program. you may be surprised to find out what you can do to improve the health of your eggs over 30, 35,  or 40.


With suboptimal thyroid health being a contributor to many people’s fertility and health concerns this is a critical part of your endocrine system that needs to be functioning at it’s best. We begin by assessing your thyroid results from optimal and then factor in how your lifestyle, stress, health and nutrition need to be enhanced to help this gland function at its best.

Male Fertility

Male fertility issues account for up to 50% of issues with infertility.  In many cases count and quality can be improved thereby increasing a couples’ chance to create a viable pregnancy. We can share with you how men have improved their fertility while on our program.

Secondary Fertility Issues

Your body did it once and now no matter what you try it’s still not happening!   Secondary fertility issues can be frustrating but once you understand what underlying issues are potentially at play you can finally significantly increase your chances of expanding your family.


Peri-menopause can be a beautiful transition but for so many women it’s tarred with physical symptoms that impact their daily life as well as their mental and emotional wellbeing.
The endocrine system is the hormone system of your body and it’s like an orchestra. When one hormone gland is out of tune it impacts the entire symphony. This is why when we support you though perimenopause we consider your whole body not just your ovaries and oestrogen levels.

The Baby Makers at Natural Fertility Co:

Jaclyn Harris

With over 18 years of clinical experience working with women’s health and couple’s fertility issues Jaclyn Harris is a passionate clinician helping her patients deal with the physical and emotional rollercoaster of fertility struggles and she is also the Clinical Director at Natural Fertility Co by Sharkey’s Healing Centre. Having started her career as a Naturopath at Sharkey’s Healing Centre back in 2005, Jaclyn is the perfect fit to provide a comprehensive treatment strategy for anyone dealing with fertility issues who is trying to conceive naturally or who is preparing for IVF.  Jaclyn continues her care for her clients through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum, not only helping her patients create the pregnancy and baby that they’ve been dreaming of but also supporting them all the way through to parenthood. After her 18 years of clinical practice this has now continued for many patients as long term support for their health, hormones, stress and energy.

Stacey Roberts

Starting at Sharkey’s in 2004 and learning from Ruth Sharkey, Stacey has recently moved on from seeing patients and is pursuing her studies to become a Nurse Practitioner in the United States. 

Having originally trained Jaclyn in the Sharkey’s methodology back in 2005 Stacey hand selected Jaclyn to be the new Clinical Director and to hand over the reins of being Australia’s Baby Maker from 2021.

“I congratulate Jaclyn on her new role as Clinical Director/Owner and I look forward to seeing the evolution of Natural Fertility Co and Sharkey’s with her leadership and expertise”

– Stacey Roberts

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Frequently Asked


Appointments are available via video Telehealth. To book your appointment please email info@naturalfertility.com. Once you have made your appointment you will receive a confirmation email with a link to join your secure Telehealth appointment. You do not need to download any software to join this call, just simply click the link and be ready to join with your camera on at your appointment time. You will need to complete your Client Intake Form at least 2 business days prior to your appointment so that our team has all the info we need in preparation for your appointment. If you have any test results that are relevant, please email those to info@naturalfertility.com at least 2 business days prior to your appointment.

An initial appointment for one person is $200 and for a couple it is $300. A 30 min return appointment is $100 and for 60 mins it is $200.

Our program is based on the experience of Jaclyn Harris, Stacey Roberts and Ruth Sharkey who have all focused their clinical work on helping to increase the chances of conception for couple’s.
Sharkey’s Healing Centre has operated as a successful women’s health and couples fertility practice since the 1980’s. Naturalfertility.com has been an extension of Sharkey’s since the early 2000’s and has expanded its reach to help couples all over the world.
We combine a functional approach based in the latest research in both conventional and complimentary medicine to work towards optimizing women and men’s chances of creating a viable pregnancy.
Most approaches take either a straight medical approach or a complimentary approach. Our team are rare in that they have successfully combined both approaches to create a common sense successful program that has helped thousands of couples around the world, with over 7000 babies born while their parents were on the program.

Yes. We see patients for general health issues related to optimizing hormones, thyroid support, stress, adrenal fatigue, and more.
Our team are qualified Naturopaths, which means they have been trained in all areas of health. Please email info@naturalfertility.com to set up an appointment for a general health consult.