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Need some FREE fertility tips to help you through this difficult time?

Check out The Baby Maker’s Blog for free information on how to optimize your health and improve your fertility. Tips include: Info about how to improve egg health, how to improve AMH, how to address unexplained infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, male fertility and more…

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Unexplained Fertility Issues

It’s extremely frustrating when everyone is telling you everything is fine and it is still not happening.  We dig deeper to help you understand the often overlooked areas that, when addressed, help you go from unexplained to pregnant.


Endometriosis can impact the ability to conceive but some women aren’t aware that they have it. Some women have it removed and still don’t conceive.  Find out what underlying issues related to endometriosis can still create an issue with conceiving even after the endometriosis is removed.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries)

Up to 20% of women are dealing with PCOS and for some it can impact fertility.  But this diagnosis is not the end of the road for those trying to conceive.  We follow the research that reveals how you can enhance your chance to conceive with PCOS

Fertility over 35, Fertiliity over 40

Women are being told they are running out of eggs once they hit their thirties but that is not necessarily what research truly reveals.  On the Baby Maker’s program. you may be surprised to find out what you can do to improve the health of your eggs over 30, 35,  or 40.

Male Fertility

Male fertility issues account for up to 50% of issues with infertility.  In many cases count and quality can be improved thereby increasing a couples’ chance to create a viable pregnancy. We can share with you how men have improved their fertility while on our program.

Secondary Fertility Issues

Your body did it once and now no matter what you try it’s still not happening!   Secondary fertility issues can be frustrating but once you understand what underlying issues are potentially at play you can finally significantly increase your chances of expanding your family.

Stacey The Baby Maker

Women's Health and Natural Fertility Expert

With over thirty years in conventional and complimentary medicine Stacey “The Baby Maker” Roberts has assisted women and men on their road to parenthood.  

Best selling author of the Fertility Bible, Stacey has written 7 ebooks on topics related to fertility, been a guest on several Podcasts related women’s health and hormones, interviewed by magazines such as Women’s Day and Grazia in Australia as well as featured on World News Now, A Current Affair, and on a segment on Oprah.


With over 15 years of experience working with Women’s Health and Couples Fertility Issues Jaclyn Harris is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping her patients deal with physical and emotional rollercoaster that fertility issues bring.  Having started her career as a naturopath at Sharkey’s Healing Centre, Jaclyn is the perfect fit to provide a comprehensive treatment strategy for anyone dealing with fertility issues.

Learn more about Jaclyn and Stacey by clicking the “About” button above.

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Appointments are available face to face via Skype by registering with this site and filling in the comprehensive health questionnaire. Consultations for fertility are either double consults (for two people) or single consults (one person). Please find the details of how to order in on our FAQ page located http://naturalfertility.com/faq-frequently-asked-questions/

Costs will vary depending on which country you live in. Please review the FAQ page found at the top of this home page to find the details regarding costs. Thank you

Stacey The Baby Maker has nearly two decades of experience working with women and men trying increase their chance to conceive. She combines a functional approach based in the latest research in both conventional and complimentary medicine to work towards optimizing women and men’s chances of creating a viable pregnancy. Her first book, The Fertility Bible was a best seller in Australia and her new book The Baby Maker’s Guide to Getting Pregnant is available on Amazon around the world.

Most approaches take either a straight medical approach or a complimentary approach. Stacey is one of those rare individuals that has successfully combined both approaches to create a common sense successful program that has helped thousands of couples around the world, with over 7000 babies born while their parents were on her program.

Yes. Stacey sees patient for general health issues related to optimizing hormones, thyroid support, adrenal fatigue, and more. Please email info@naturalfertility.com for information or fill out our contact us form (link located in the top right hand corner of this home page) on how to set up an appointment for a general health consult.