Creation Stories

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Hi There!

At Sharkeys and we don’t believe in calling the pregnancies and births associated with our clinic success stories.  Having a baby is not a ‘success’, just like NOT having a baby is definitely not a failure.  We believe the miracle of conception is much bigger than just simply achieving a goal or being successful.  Our stories are ones of creation, many times preceded by a significant struggle with yourself and/or possibly your partner.  So when that positive test comes along its really about how significantly you have grown through the process and how much more you will appreciate this pregnancy, this birth and this child when you do become a parent for the first time or again.   We have literally thousands of creation stories at our clinic and here are just a few.  I also send out creation stories in our fertility tips from time to time.  So I hope you enjoy them, and find inspiration to continue on your journey to create the life that you long for.

all the best


One of the lovely things is to recieve letters from couples … we don’t have to ask for them, they just keep coming!  If you would like your letter here and perhaps a photo of your new baby … please drop us a line …


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Just wanted to let you know that I am now the very elated and proud mother to our son born 29th November weighing 9 pound 15 ounces.  With your help and amazing herbal formulas we now have two beautiful children.

I suffered numerous miscarriages which included a molar pregnancy and a blighted ovum and after many months and much heartache my mother told me about the Sharkey Healing Centre and  I started taking the formula immediately and after only two months fell pregnant with my daughter who was born weighing 8 pound 4 ounces.  When we decided to try again for another child I did not hesitate in starting the formula straight away so my fertility was at optimum levels and to decrease the chances of more miscarriages.

I tell everyone I can about your amazing formulas as my thanks to you and your wonderful business.
I wish you all the best for the future and will keep on spreading the word about your amazing work.
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I am pregnant!!

My embryo transfer was positive!  I am so grateful to you and your team for the time you have given me over the last 12months, I know I wouldn’t be pregnant without your wonderful herbs (love potion is what we call it).  You do wonderful work and are truly eager to help people.

I declare my love for all of you!

I will write again soon.
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I have great news!

Christmas came early for me… the baby that was never meant to be – arrived!

I have no doubt this baby would not have happened without your herbs.

Six and a half years ago I had a child – falling pregnant within weeks of going off the pill. Therefore, when I went off the pill I assumed I’d fall pregnant again very easily…how wrong was I!

After three months and no period, the fertility and menopause experts told me I was clearly in menopause…and with a consistent FSH reading of 150, there was no real reason to doubt them. I was heart broken and spent many hours wondering why…

I was somewhat of a skeptic when I stumbled across an internet article re Sharkeys and Stacey the Baby Maker. And while I originally dismissed the article as “PR spin” there was something that convinced me Stacey did indeed offer a possible avenue to explore.

Therefore, after convincing my husband that our vacation needed to include a trip to see Stacey I was fortunate enough to get an appointment, (you were fully booked during the week we were in town but I kept hassling your poor office staff for an appointment!).

While Stacey was very clear on the fact that the herbs were not always the answer and that you could not reverse menopause, she did offer me a ray of hope. (If the FSH did not change within 6 months then she revealed there was little hope)

However, within the timeframe of drinking one and a half of the awful tasting bottles filled with herbs, I was pregnant!  (at 41 years old, Her FSH had come down to 7 from 150)

Yes, the experts may say the herbs had nothing to do with me falling pregnant…but they were also the ones who said it would NOT happen.In my mind, the herbs did help and I’ll always be so very grateful.

Fortunately, I had a great open minded obstetrician who agreed that perhaps the herbs were what made all the difference!

Thanks so very much.
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Not sure if you remember my husband and I but we owe you a world of gratitude.  Our son Dean was born August 25th and he is the most precious little thing we have ever seen.  Thank you a thousand times over for your help in bringing him to the world.  As all parents we think he is the cutest baby and he’s also a good baby.  Very happy and content.  He’s also been sleeping through the night since he was 61/2 weeks old.  What a legend!

Thanks again for all your help.
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Thank you so much for the herbs you made up for my husband and I.  We now have a beautiful healthy boy.  After 3 years of trying your program worked.  We are extremely happy to have a baby we can call our son.  We love him dearly and can’t thank you enough for helping us create this beautiful little being.
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I have been on your program for 44 days now; I went to a GP and she confirmed that I am PREGNANT. I am very happy. Thank you so much!!!!!

I can’t thank you enough. There was only a short period where my husband was at home before he left for Timor and this has been a big surprise for the both of us.

I would like to get your help throughout my pregnancy. I stopped drinking coffee the day I started on the program.

I am feeling a lot better generally, although my skin is giving me some trouble. I have stopped taking zinc for my skin, as I am concerned about any effects this may have on the pregnancy.

I would like to receive the herbal mixture to aid me with future morning sickness please.

If you have any safe suggestions for my skin problem please let me know.

I am unsure of what to order and how much it will cost.  I am about six weeks pregnant. Could you please assist me as I have only a small amount of the personalized formula left and I would like to prepare for morning sickness.

Thank you again.
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Thank you for your support and expertise, which has enabled our dream of being a family to become a reality. The work you complete is truly amazing.
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Please find enclosed a photo of my dear little daughter Grace at nine weeks of age. She is a great girl and doing all the right things, i.e. sleeping through the night and progressing well. I am really enjoying her. Her big brothers love to wheel her around in her stroller as if it were a racing car – a bit rough I think, but Grace doesn’t seem to mind or object.

I am feeling well (best I’ve felt all year) with plenty of energy. I continue to take my preparation.

With thanks.
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Thus far I am four days overdue, YIPPEE! Will phone ASAP if pregnant.

Note: Pregnancy was confirmed
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I thought that after I stopped taking the pill to start to try to fall pregnant all would be fine and we would have no trouble conceiving…how wrong I was…after several trips to the doctor and specialists, no period and no pregnancy, I decided to give Sharkey’s Healing Centre a call.

I took the formula for 6 months and got my cycle back to normality.  So all in all we finally got our wish and I gave birth to our beautiful baby boy Ellis.

I want to thank Sharkey’s Healing Centre for assisting us to make our dream come true.

Yours sincerely
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This thank you is well overdue. I thank you very much for your assistance and support throughout these last twelve months and also in the future. As of today, Tuesday, 10/3/98, I am twelve weeks pregnant. It is such a wonderful feeling. I have learnt a great deal through your books, one being Natural Conception, and two, Healing the Bodies.

There is so much to learn through reading these books, especially the second book. It has taught me a great deal on hormone and chemical imbalances, and has helped me get through my eating disorder.

Once again, thank you, and I look forward to future contact.
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I wanted to write and express our heartfelt thanks to you as I am five and a half weeks pregnant. I also want you to know that I’ve felt great since I started taking the formula. People who are close to me have commented on how my outlook on life seems to have improved, and that I seem much happier.

Ruth, we cannot thank you enough for helping us get this far naturally.