Many of my patients tell me that the medical professional they see has told them they are running out of eggs, running out of time, or their eggs are too old, etc.  Some have even told the couple and you may have heard this too, that they really should have started earlier instead of waiting so long before they tried to become pregnant.

In the ebook you received from me when you signed up for this website, I discussed how the theory that women are born with so many eggs and then just run out of them is not necessarily true anymore.

Based on research at one of the most pretigious universities in the world, Harvard, it has been shown that women may actually be regenerating eggs every month and as you approach menopause this process slows down and eventually stops. Think of why hair turns gray.  Gradually the body stops producing melanin.  Some of this is due to nutrients in your system.  (I have had some people say their gray hair lessened when taking our supplements), genetic factors, etc.  The melanin doesn’t all of a sudden one day just stop, it can be a slow decrease over a long period of time.  So if the research from Harvard is true and there is still much controversy surrounding it, your eggs or your spouses eggs may not be “too old” after all.

Researchers at Harvard have found that its possible that mice who are mammals and have very similiar reproductive systems as humans can regenerate eggs. AND in July 2005 the actual stem cell that is responsible for this was  identified. Science is getting closer to proving the old adage of “you only have so many eggs” as wrong.

If this theory were proven to be true tomorrow, how would that change your outlook on your situation?   What would you do differently when you knew that you could actually do something about the health of your eggs (and/or sperm) right now?  (It’s already known that sperm regenerates approx every 72 days)

When I have gone around the world to speak to different groups about how to address their fertility issues, most people answer the above question by saying they would be less stressed and more proactive about their situation.  I believe in focusing on what is possible whether a you are dealing with recurrent miscarriage, Unexplained Infertility, PCOS, male fertility issues, fertility over 40, endometriosis, blocked tubes, etc or whether you are utilising IVF or not, it seems most times the possibilities aren’t focused on and all you hear about are the limitations.

Well I can tell you that through our clinic and this website I have known 1000’s of couples in all of those categories that have create a viable pregnancy, many who were told their eggs were too old, there is little to no chance of becoming pregnant, or even “you are past your used by date.” So the old theory and beliefs certainly don’t hold true all of the time.  And since you know that is the truth, why are you spending so much time and putting so much emotional investment in those limitations?  What can you do today to help you focus on what is possible?

I talk about in my CD set Fertility Secrets revealed that most people think that infertility is increasing because of what they hear and read in the media, but this too, may not be true either based on what a group of scientists in the States found.  It’s time to become aware of and continue to empower yourself to take charge of your fertility and focus on what can be done about it.
What I attempt to do in these tips is to help you shift your focus from “not having” to “receiving life”.  You have been bombarded with limitations since you first were told you were “infertile”, but that isn’t the full story.  There is so much you can do to improve your situation.

One of our former patients, a 44 yo told us she recently entered her second trimester.  Her pregnancy was the result of IVF (where they gave her less than 1% chance) and utilising the herbs and supplements we recommended for six months before the procedure.  Previously she had to cancel her IVF cycle because she didn’t produce any eggs with the drugs.  After making some changes to her lifestyle and following our recommendations she says she produced 4 eggs and 3 fertilised.  With her own eggs and her husband’s sperm at 44 she created a viable pregnancy through IVF.  Others like her have become pregnant naturally.  If she focused on the limitations that you are constantly bombarded with, like you can’t use herbs with IVF, or you are too old, your AMH is too low etc she says it isn’t likely she would be where she is today.

There are so many variables that go into you and your partner creating a pregnancy. Its important that all of these areas, not only the sperm and the eggs, are addressed to help you create and maintain a viable pregnancy.  Remember your body is so intelligent and all of the limitations you hear tend to make you lose your faith in this intelligence and your body.  It is time to begin trusting yourself again and focusing on what is possible in your situation.  According to best selling women’s health expert, Dr. Christiane Northrup, you can become pregnant up until one year AFTER you have had your last period.

I hope this email has prompted you, if you have found yourself stuck against the wall of limitations you have heard, to look for what you can do to improve your situation.

I wish you all the best on your journey.

Take care


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