Today’s fertility tip was inspired by a conversation that I had with a woman in Toowoomba after I presented my evening seminar, Fertility Secrets Revealed.

She was telling me about the side effects and horrible symptoms that she was having when taking the medication that her doctor had prescribed for her fertility issues.

They were causing significant side effects and making her feel extremely uncomfortable and when she approached her physician about it he simply said something to the effect that if she really wanted to have a baby, then this is what she would have to put up with.  So she went away thinking “What choice do I have? I guess I have to put up with it.”

Firstly I would like to say that thankfully, most doctors are not this insensitive and dismissive of their patients well being.  I think this case is the exception to the norm but it also reminds me of the way that society, the medical profession and the media can set the stage to disempower yourself and your partner as you move through the struggles which can be associated with fertility issues.

Imagine if a herb or natural supplement was causing significant uncomfortable side effects.  It would be taken off the market quicker than what you could imagine.  But for some reason it is a very different story with drugs.  I won’t get on a soap box here, but what I want to point out to you is that you don’t have to suffer through horrible side effects and feeling sick to create the life that you long for.  You shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or feel as though you are not committed enough to the process if a drug that you are taking doesn’t work for you or causes harmful side effects.

There are many alternatives programs that can build your body up, and not tear you down.  I know its difficult right now to get in to see us and that we our mail order system is on hold secondary to catching up with orders from January, but there are many other steps you can take to improve your fertility.  Arm yourself with information from this site (I continually get emails from people who aren’t even on our formula that have become pregnant.  They tell me that it was a fertility tip or two or information in one of our ebooks that really clicked for them and made the difference they were looking for) and find yourself a good GP, specialist, and naturopath that will support and guide you through the process.

There are many facets to improving your fertility and sometimes medication is part of a program but if you are suffering severe side effects and don’t want to do it anymore, that doesn’t mean you aren’t committed enough or that you don’t want a baby enough, it just means that this particular method may not be right for you.  And more medications or different medications may not be better either.  Listen to what your inner voice is saying that your next step should be.  Stop listening to the media and other disempowering comments that may not even be true and follow through on what your heart and mind are telling you that is best for you and your partner.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with negative emotion including anger, sadness, fear, and guilt and these emotions are clouding your decision, you may want to consider our Fertile Mind Fertile Body workshop.

This is a two day workshop that has been designed to help you get rid of the anger, sadness, guilt and fear from your past and in the process improve your fertility.  over 60% of the couples that attended have become pregnant within 5-7 months after the workshop or individual work with me.

The emotional aspect is such a huge part of your fertility.  Dr. Alice Domar at Boston IVF in the States reported that patients going through IVF rated their levels of depression equal to those with a life threatening disease like AIDS.  Those who reported more sadness and depression had lower pregancy rates than those who did not.  If you don’t come to our workshop find other ways to improve your fertility by working on the emotional aspect as well.  See the Fertility tip FERTILE MIND FERTILE BODY for details.

Many of our fertility tips deal with helping you change your focus  to improve your fertility so please review them when you need them and follow the steps discussed.  And remember, if you are doing everything you can to improve your emotional, physical and physiological health you are absolutely committed to improving your fertility.

copyright Stacey Roberts and Positive Image Publishing