Minimising Toxins in your system.

You cannot completely avoid all of the chemicals that are around you day after day.  If you tried you would go crazy or would have to live in a bubble!  But you can minimise the exposure to these substances and here are a few examples of ways to decrease your exposure to chemicals that can contribute to chronic degenerative change in your cells.  And remember, the eggs, sperm, and endometrial lining are cells.

Eliminate voluntary toxins such as smoking or recreational drugs.  This is a no brainer.  These contribute significantly to poor cellular health.  Minimise or eliminate alcohol consumption.  I usually recommend no more than 4 drinks per week spread throughout the week and no alcohol in pregnancy.  When drinking beer choose the naturally brewed beers (it will say it on the label if it is).  Go for your organic wine if at all possible and remember to spread the consumption throughout the week.  Alcohol can have a negative impact on your glucose levels which effect insulin and can contribute to upsetting your delicate hormone balance.  Dehydration is also an issue with too much alcohol.

Do not warm up your food in a plastic container or do not store warm foods in the plastic containers until they have cooled.  Ask your take away restaurant if they have other containers besides the plastic ones.  The reason is that many plastics when heated up can leech substances into your food called xeno estrogens and this can compete with the estrogen levels in your system contributing to disrupting your normal balance of hormones.  Men should heed this advice as well because they do not want to increase the amount of estrogen in their system.  There is a proper balance between testosterone and estrogen in both men and women.  Increased estrogen in males can contribute to female like characteristics such as breast formation and some studies surmise that low sperm count in overweight men may be due to increased levels of estrogen.

There are other tips about minimising toxins and I will include these in the weeks to come.

Since we are talking about cells and their health, I thought you would be interested in a comment by Dr. Deepok Chopra who was the head Endocrinologist at a Boston Medical Centre and who now practices Ayurvedic medicine.  In an interview with Dr. Wayne Dwyer, Dr. Chopra talked about what significance having thoughts such as “running out of time” can have on your body.  This, as you can imagine, is a common belief among couples dealing with fertility issues.  I even here this from 20 year olds who are trying to become pregnant.

Besides the fact that this old belief may not necessarily be accurate, I want to share with you the best reason to let it go.  Dr. Chopra describes what happens at a cellular level when a person has this belief and keeps telling themself that they are “running out of time.”  Remember your thoughts directly impact your physiology.  When you continually have thoughts that you are “running out of time”, you are working against improving your fertility.  Dr. Chopra explains that when a person has these thoughts over and over, the person actually speeds up the aging process.  Chronic degenerative change takes place at a greater rate than it would normally.  The cells in a sense speed up and at times some people may even experience anxiety attacks because of this.

This is the opposite of what you want to accomplish when improving your fertility.  You want to do whatever you can to improve cellular health, not create more damage.  One of Dr. Chopra’s books which is an excellent resource is called Quantum Healing and I highly recommend it to help you take control of your health which will improve your fertility.

So if/when you find that thought popping up about “I am running out of time” 1)acknowledge it and take a couple deep breaths to calm yourself down.  Then continue to follow the steps we continually talk about in these tips,

2)Ask yourself “What can I learn from this that is for me, positive, and for the future”

3) Reprogram it with the statement “In the past I used to think ‘I was running out of time’ but now I choose to ________________________”

4) Let it go

This will improve your physiology immediately and actually contribute to improving the health of your cells as well.  Remember, this information is from a very intelligent reputable Endocrinologist who was the head of his department in a medical centre in Boston before he decided to dedicate his life to helping people become healthier through ayurvedic medicine.

Dr. Chopra also believes in meditation to improve health and quieting the mind which is what meditation can accomplish.  If you are looking for tools to help you with meditation you can have a look at our books section of the website for the Insight CD which is getting excellent reviews from our patients.

I hope as you read these tips today, you remember to appreciate what you have in your life now, even the things that seem so insignificant, but especially the relationships, love, and life that you have today and had in the past.  Create your future based on love and gratitude for yourself and your current life.  This will help you receive the life you want in the future.

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