Last tip I talked about the importance of remembering the possibilities i.e. the possibility that women may actually regenerate their eggs and not only have a limited supply (Harvard Study March 2004).

When you are experiencing difficulty with fertility your life becomes filled with apparent limitations.  We discussed the whole running out of egg theory, or maybe you are dealing with a low sperm count, recurrent miscarriages, unexplained infertility, secondary infertility, PCOS, or endometriosis.  Whatever the “diagnosis” is or isn’t in some cases, the limitations and fear starts to stack up.  All of a sudden you notice every article about fertility in the newspaper, on the news, or on the radio.  And most of it isn’t good.  You go to your medical practitioner and they tell you to come back in a year if no baby and after a year in some cases they may even say, sorry we don’t know why you aren’t pregnant but let’s do these tests to see what’s wrong with you.  Then there is a pill or procedure to try and “fix it”  This whole process unfortunately continues to reinforce your belief that something is wrong with you and the limiting beliefs just keep on stacking up.  This is such a disempowering process.

So today I challenge you to start to see the possibilities again.  To put the “diagnosis” aside and remember that women with all of the issues I listed above are able to become pregnant and have healthy children.  Some women with PCOS, Endometriosis, and hormone imbalances have children without even knowing they have these issues.  And really I think that is one of the pieces to the puzzle, “they didn’t even know they had it” so they believed they could get pregnant.  NOw I know what you are going to say, I didn’t know I had this or that either and I am still not pregnant. I know this and I see it every day.  That is why we treat the WHOLE person and not just your eggs, or your sperm.  Because there is so much more to it than just your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, or just your physiology, or just your physical structure or just the environment.  It is the whole package that is important to assess.   And that is what these tips are meant to do is help shed some light on all different areas that effect your fertility and make you aware of the possibilities which will hopefully allow you to let go of the limitations that are holding you back.

So let’s continue with the mind in this issue.  Thoughts and beliefs are extremely powerful.  THey create your reality.  So I would like to encourage you to listen to yourself and what you are thinking and saying to yourself.  When you hear yourself saying “I can’t get pregnant” or “MY endo is keeping me from getting pregnant” or “I have PCOS and that’s why I am not getting pregnant, or “they don’t know what is wrong with me” or “I have a low sperm count and can’t get my wife pregnant, or whatever statements that you make to yourself on a regular basis that go against your fertility I want you to say “STOP! (BTW you don’t have to say this out loud or people might get a little nervous 🙂 ) Okay, in the past I used to ____________________, and now I choose to_______________.
This is a simple technique to begin chipping away at the beliefs that limit you.  Don’t repress these thoughts, acknowledge them (I didn’t say accept them only acknowledge that you had the thought)change the limiting thought to past tense e.g. “in the past I used to think I couldn’t conceive” and put the new statement in the present “and now I choose to be ready and able to receive new life”  Another example, “in the past I used to think there was something wrong with me and now I choose to know that I am doing everything I can to be healthy.”

When I work with patients in one on one counseling, this is just the first step to changing their beliefs, after this we work on releasing negative emotions and thought patterns that might be holding them back and interfering with their fertility.  So use this statement as your first step to seeing and creating what is possible.  Because I guarantee you, if you don’t see the possibilities there are plenty of people out there that will show you the limitations.  Take charge of your fertility, your beliefs and your health and this will move you another step closer to acheiving your dreams.


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