I came across an article this weekend at thenewage.com.au that was published in 2005 titled “Inside the Secret World of IVF” It was written by a physician Dr. Amin Abbound who is a medical doctor and assistant lecturer in medical ethics and health law at the University of New South Wales. There were a couple of interesting quotes that I wanted to share with you because it may challenge the beliefs that are often associated with fertility issues around the world. Dr. Abboud cited a study published in the medical Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in 2004. The author of that study and his colleagues concluded that sterility did not increase with age. The authors found that even in the age group where fertility is said to drop off dramatically ages 35-39, these couples were still likely to conceive within a 2 year period in 9 out of 10 cases. The couples studied were from several natural family planning centres throughout Europe. In a release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in December 2005 it was reported that the number of births per woman had reached a 10 year high as of 30 June 2005 3101.0 – Rise in fertility increases Australia’s population: ABS, Jun 2005 And here is some info from our Fertility Over 35 ebook available from the books/shop section of our website, In the United States interesting trends have emerged as well. In 2004 there were a total of over 4.2 million births of which over 500,000 where to mothers aged 35 and over. The percentage of women having children in this age group was higher than women in this age group having children during the baby boom after WWII. Additionally in 2004 the number and percentage of women experiencing live births was also higher in the 40-44 and in the 45-52 age group, the numbers have been steadily increasing as well since 1980. This includes births from natural conceptions as well assisted reproductive techniques. Previous to this trend the numbers were steadily declining in all groups from 1940 to 1975. The media has a tendency to distort the truth at times. Dr. Abboud says ” A compounding concern has been the creation of a false infertility crisis through deliberate distortion of the infertility data.” One executive at ACCESS Australia (Australia’s Infertility network) “claims that one in six people will need access to IVF. This puts infertility at 15% of the population-way above even the most negative estimates of infertility in the community.” I speak about these “media secrets” in our Fertility Secrets Revealed CD set. Scientists at Westfield State College in the US set out to support the common claim that infertility was increasing but they couldn’t find the data in statistics compiled in the US to support this common claim by the media. Their conclusion, “The most dramatic conclusion we have drawn from this research project is that the media does not always reflect the truth.” So if infertility is really not increasing like you have heard over and over again in the media, should you just continue to “relax” like so many people tell you to do if you are not creating a viable pregnancy? I have talked about this “just relax” concept in other fertility tips available on our website in the Fertility tips section. My point is that instead of giving in to the fear that the media is trying to instill in you, use common sense to continue to prepare yourself i.e.your body and mind for pregnancy. This involves continuing to have faith in your body and if needed, with help from professionals from both conventional medicine and complimentary therapies, you can create the life that you long for. What do you hear from the media that is influencing your beliefs about your fertility? Copyright Positive Image Publishing and Stacey Roberts