Did you know that the adult human is made up of 70% water?  When a baby is born, it is composed of 80% water.  Did you know that a fertilised egg is 96% water?
To me, this is amazing but what’s even more amazing is the recent research by Masaru Emoto an internationally renowned researcher in Japan.  Mr. Emoto has shown some amazing things about a substance we all take for granted, water.

Well, what does water have to do with increasing the health of your eggs or your sperm?  Maybe everything…

If your eggs and your sperm are more than 95% water wouldn’t it be important to know what types of things if any can have an influence on water.

Mr. Emoto’s research shows us some interesting information.  It surely made me look at water and my body much differently.  Water serves as a transport system in our body.  Mr. Emoto believes that it is important to keep the water in the body as optimal as possible and this will help improve cellular health.  It is no coincidence that as the water on our planet becomes more polluted so does the water within our system.  So minimising toxins is a great way to improve the health of our cells.  More on this in other fertility tips.

The research in Japan that is cited in Mr. Emoto’s two books The Hidden Messages in Water (New York Times Best Seller) and the True Power of Water explain that water can take in information.  This hypothesis has been proven in many hundred of experiments.  I will briefly describe a few experiments but its absolutely worth purchasing the books if this information intrigues you.  The books are likely at your local book shop or available on Amazon.com

The experiments that I will focus on involve how our thoughts and beliefs and energy (which is really all that thoughts and beliefs are) can effect our body.  In one experiment, Mr. Emoto took a sample from the water at Lake Biwa in Japan.  He analysed it and found that when he froze it and then let it thaw no crystals formed.  The lake reportedly had a very bad odor to it.  Then on July 25, 1999 Mr Emoto gathered 350 people to recite the Great Declaration, a powerful but simple prayer by Dr. Nobuo Shioya over the lake.

After the group was finished with their blessing, the water of the lake formed a beautiful crystal.  One month later a newspaper article in the Kyoto newspaper reported that there was no more complaints of odor coming from the lake.  I know what you might be thinking.  I said to myself, “yeah sure” when I first heard this.  But just for a minute consider the possibilities.

Other of Mr. Emotos experiements also showed the  power of intention over water.  In many different experiments a word or phrase was written on a bottle of purified water.  When the phrase “I hate you, you make me sick”, was exposed to the water, the resultant picture looked like sludge but when the phrase “love and gratitude” was exposed to the water and analysed, one of the most beautiful crystals you have ever seen formed in the water when analysed. You can see these pictures in the internationally acclaimed movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”  In a famous line from the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” in which these pictures are displayed, a character says, “If thoughts can do that to water, What do you think your thoughts can do to us?”

Another great experiment which is definitely worth a try at home is one that was done with cooked rice.  I am going to try this when I come home from the States.  Take two glass jars with a cap and fill each half way with cooked rice.  Those scientists out there make sure you use rice from the same batch.  Seal the jars and put in two separate areas of your house, make sure they are not in direct sunlight.  Each day say to jar #1 You fool!  I hate you!  And to the other jar just simply say thank you in a pleasant loving voice.  After 3 weeks of doing this every day, take a picture and send it to me.  I won’t tell you what’s supposed to happen but I will share with you what my experiment shows as well.

But back to your fertility.  Now if words and energy can have this profound effect on water, and your body is 70% water while your eggs and sperm are more than 95% water, wouldn’t it make sense to reprogram the thoughts that come up with the steps I have shared with you to improve the health of all of your cells including the eggs and sperm.

Remember our steps
1) Don’t accept it, just acknowledge the thought
2) Ask yourself what you can learn from it
3) Reprogram it (IN the past I used to ______________________
But now I choose to__________________________________)
4) Let it go and focus on what you have in your life that you are grateful for.

In addition, minimising the toxins in your system is so important so I will devote our next fertility tip to discussing this with you.  But in the mean time, drink purified water and before it goes down and while your drinking it shift your focus to thoughts of gratitude and optimal fertility.  It is the one thing you can do for your fertility that will only cost you the price of a bottled water!

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