Handling the financial strain of fertility treatments.

I know our treatments are very inexpensive when you compare them to having an IVF treatment, but even so, paying out of pocket for any medical expense can be draining on the pocketbook.

There are many different ways to get your moneys worth and hopefully decrease the stress associated with this process and this suggestion comes from patients who have actually benefited from them.

#1 For one month, make a list of all of your purchases to see what you are spending your money on.  Write down everything, even if its a bottle of water, a Twix candy bar, petrol or your telephone bill.

#2 Make two lists.  Items or bills that are absolutely necessary and  items that are not necessary, especially the ones that don’t support your health.   Eliminate one or two of the items that are not absolutely per month and you will likely free up a considerable sum to put toward your own personal fertility health fund.  For example, for fertility purposes it is best to cut out the daily coffee secondary to its inflammatory effects on your system, raising homocysteine, etc.  Use this money (which can be 5-6 dollars per day depending on where you purchase your coffee) toward your fertility treatment. This alone could allow you to save 90-$150.  For those of you who may smoke, this is a pretty easy one.  Give up the smokes and this money can be put toward your fertility fund.  Other things that you can do are make your own lunch for work versus eating out.  Stop purchasing high glycemic snacks and concentrate on the vegetables, salads, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  These products can actually make you eat less because they burn slowly in your system and you are less hungry over the period of the day.  This also includes high glycemic drinks such as cordial, soft drinks, and sodas.  Consider buying a water filter for your sink at home if you spend a lot of money on bottled water.  And remember these changes are good for everyone’s overall health and well being for the long run.

After doing this simple process for a few months two couples told me it was the biggest eye opener they have had in a while.  They were amazed at what they were spending their money on each month and found that only by eliminating some very small items which they frequently bought they were able to pay for their consultations with me every 6-8 weeks, their herbs, and their supplements.  This took so much pressure off of themselves, which in turn, as you know if you have been reading my tips, helps fertility.

Having a look at your spending habits is especially important if you are also paying for assisted procedures because as you know these can be a real drain on the savings.  Remembering that your focus now is making yourself as healthy as possible to create a family but really, it’s not just a focus for fertility. Improving your health for the long term will help you actually be able to enjoy being around the family that you are working towards creating.  Make these health decisions a life long committment so that you are around for many many years to enjoy the children that you are wanting to bring in to this world.  And what a great example this will be to your child as well.  When you think that heart disease (the number one killer) is being found at greater and greater percentages in children, it is so important that you set a good example with your healthy eating habits.  What better time to get yourselves into this mode, than right now.

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