The most common issues that we deal with at Sharkey’s Healing Centre are
Polycystic Ovaries
Unexplained Fertility
Recurrent Miscarriage
Male Fertility

Optmising hormone production


painful or difficult periods

Prostate Health

Couples doing IVF, couples considering IVF, couples that have had several
attempts with IVF:  more information on these cases coming up later in this

If you were enquiring about one of these issues, we have helped many couples in
all of these areas.  We also have informational products to provide you with
tools so that you can empower yourself with practical information and take
action to help yourself. These products (ebooks, Cds, books) can be found in the books section of
our website and are fantastic resources for you while you either wait for your
formula or wait to become a patient.

The one thing I can’t answer for you from an email though is whether our
treatment will work for you. Even if you write a very detailed email to me
describing your situation, I still cannot assess your situation only based on
this information.  The one exception however would be regarding male fertility.
We do see men with low count, motility issues and problems with abnormal forms
of sperm, and the vast majority will improve these areas if they follow our
recommendations, but if you or your partner are not producing any sperm and none
is found in the testicles with a biopsy or aspiration then it is highly unlikely
that we can assist.

Your best bet is to fill out our questionnaire. if you decide to become a patient.  The extensive questionaire that you would or
have filled out will give us the background we need to let you know how we can

Questions re IVF:
First thing to remember is just because you haven’t conceived with IVF doesn’t
directly correlate with whether you can create a natural pregnancy.   I think
IVF is great for some people but unfortunately many couples are being pushed
into IVF without being given any other option or education to improve their
health first which can improve their chance of becoming pregnant naturally or even with IVF    I think IVF is a wonderful option for many couples who simply have no
other way of conceiving i.e. blocked tubes, no tubes, and other specific
instances, but if you have experienced any of the 5 areas listed above and have
not created a viable pregnancy thru IVF, then our program may help you like it
has helped many others either prepare their bodies for IVF or become pregnant

Age:  I am receiving many emails asking if we can help you even if you are late
30’s, and 40’s.  Its not the age but the health of your eggs  and sperm that
matters.  We also believe your emotional wellbeing has much to do with it as
well.   And at Sharkeys we work with you on improving your overall cellular
health and this includes the health of the eggs, endometrial lining, ovaries,
semen and sperm.   Remember, these are all composed of cells.  I will also be
conducting workshops next year around Australia to address the emotional side of
fertility to help you improve your chances to conceive.  Remember, just because
you have been told your eggs are too old  or your sperm isn’t healthy enough
with IVF, doesn’t necessarily mean there is nothing that can be done to improve
this.  There are many beliefs out there regarding fertility that are not
necessarily true based on new research so read our Fertility Secrets Revealed
report to find out more.  The link was sent to you when you registered for this

If your blood tests have shown you are in early menopause we may be able to help
you. One patient was told she was clearly in menopause at 42 with an FSH level of 150. On our program she was able to bring her levels down to 110 and then FSH 7 and 6 weeks later she was pregnant. Unfortunately there is no guarantee this can happen for everyone.  We have helped some women
regain function of their ovaries with natural methods, but if mother nature has
already had you moving into the next phase in your life, there isn’t much we can
do except to support you in where you are going next. But for those who have been
termed “early perimenopause”or “early menopause” our methods supported some of
these women and have seen decreases in FSH and improved estrogen and progesterone fluctuation so that
they are ovulating again.  Each case is considered on an individual basis.

I hoped this has answered some of your questions but if not, please fill out the contact form, I wish you all the very best.

Take care