FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

I am so glad you are interested in becoming a patient and hopefully, like thousands of others, create the little life you long for.  While on my program “The Five Step Fertility Solution” my goal is that you feel empowered to take control of your situation and have a plan to address your situation.  Whether you are trying naturally or planning a procedure, I look forward to supporting you.

If you are ready to book an appointment
your first step is:

1) Review the FAQ here.

2)  If this is your first time visiting please register with our site.

If you have already registered please log in with the email and password that you registered with, choose the option ‘request a consultation”.

This will take you through some questions and then to the comprehensive questionnaire. Pls fill in the questions completely so we can proceed with your appointment.  You will be prompted to choose either a single (one person) or double (two person) consultation.

Pls fill in the questionnaire with  as much information as possible.  Make sure you have a skype ID to fill in.  If you don’t already have Skype, it is a free download.  Pls go to www.skype.com and register.

List all supplements and avoid statements like “not really” or yes or no if more info is requested.  A brief explanation is always more helpful if asked for.  The more information you provide on the consult, the better.

3)  Schedule your appointment by clicking on the blue button at the end of the questionnaire BUT make sure you come back to click on the next button PAY HERE or your information will not be saved. We must receive payment for your information to be saved in the system for my review during your consult.

Note: you do not need a paypal account to purchase. Once you click on the “Pay with your pay pal balance” button a pop up screen will appear where you can “buy as guest” at the bottom of the pop up screen.

If after scheduling your appointment and paying per the steps above you do not receive a confirmation of the appointment via email, then please contact me at this email address so I can follow it up. You should receive email confirmation after you book in and then an email reminder before the appointment.

My appointments are on Skype so make sure you fill your Skype ID on the questionnaire so the appointment can proceed.

You will be able to schedule online during the times that are available.

Due to not having a scheduler to call and email back and forth should something come up there will  be a cancellation fee of 50.00 charged ONLY if you cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice.  And no herbs will be sent if there is a cancellation.  If you are going to be late 5-10 mins no problem at all but if it goes beyond 10 mins then I will have to cancel the appointment to make sure I am not late for the person who is after you and a cancellation fee will be charged.

Since my consultations are on Skype my association will not give me a provider number so there will be no reimbursement for consultation fees.

Now that all of that is out of the way, we can get on to the most important thing…helping you optimise your health for your fertility.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Stacey Roberts BSPT, Q Herbalist Naturopath
Women’s Complementary Health Expert

The following are costs for initial consults (your first visit) and follow up consultations (second and subsequent visits 1-3 months apart) and previous patients who are returning.
***For access to our World Famous Herbal Formulas for your Fertility pls see the following. General Health Patients pls scroll down to “GENERAL HEALTH”***

All consultations include a comprehensive initial evaluation from information provided by patients in a detailed Client Intake questionnaire. This results in specific suggestions for your particular situation from one of our Baby Maker’s who between them have nearly 40 years experience helping couples on their journey to parenthood or expanding their family. A personalized herbal formula may be provided as well if warranted and requested.


Initial single (ONE person) consult:
200.00 AUD
If herbs are warranted a 500ml bottle of herbal formula starts at $65 (max $85) plus 15.50 shipping and handling. Any Nutritional supplementation recommended would be additional.


Initial double (Two person) consult:
300.00 AUD.
If herbs are warranted a 500ml bottle of herbal formula starts at $65 each (max $85) plus 15.50 shipping and handling. Any Nutritional supplementation recommended would be additional.


Return Consultations for 1 person

$100 AUD
Up to 30 minutes comprehensive consultation to review information requested. Your herbal formula and any supplementation are additional.


Return Couple Consultation for 2 people

$200 AUD
Up to 60 minutes comprehensive consultation to review information requested. Your herbal formula and any supplementation are additional.

General Consultations:

Returning patients or new patients who are interested in general health consultations to assess hormone balance issues, such as menopausal symptoms, thyroid issues, chronic fatigue, or adrenal issues.
An initial consultation for general health: $200 AUD for up to one hour, includes comprehensive assessment based on detailed health questionnaire, and personalized suggestions.

Personalized herbal formula starts at $65.00 AUD (max $85) plus shipping and handling of $15.50.

Returning general health consultations are $100 AUD for up to 30 mins with any herbal formula or Nutritional Supplements being additional.

Unfortunately at this time appointments are not available for the United States and Canada.

Over the years men and women have come from around the world to visit the former Sharkey’s Healing Centre for the personalized herbal formulas created for their particular situation.

Each herbal formula is blended individually based on information gathered in consultations from our subjective interview, test results, and other information requested.

The herbs are a part of a multi faceted program to help support overall health and hormone balance.  The herbs are not required but often requested and will be recommended if warranted based on the comprehensive consultations.

From 1986 to 2004 Ruth Sharkey from Sharkey’s Health Centre provided herbal formulas and consultations to couples throughout Australia and New Zealand.  In 2004 Ruth Sharkey passed the reigns over to Stacey Roberts who has since expanded the program. which is now associated with over 7000 babies born while participating in her program.

Stacey is currently pursing her Nurse Practitioners License and while she does that Jaclyn Harris will be seeing patients from Australia and New Zealand.  Stacey is still available to see patient from the United States and Canada.
Both Stacey and Jaclyn specialize in the following areas:

  • Unexplained Fertility Issues
  • Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS)
  • Male Fertility Issues
  • Secondary Fertility Issues
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • Fertility Over (35) 40
  • Improving Egg Health, Sperm Health
  • Addressing AMH Issues
  • Preparing for IVF
  • Recovering from IVF
  • Support During and After Pregnancy

Most of the women and men that have become pregnant on the program were told it would never happen for them.

For many years we have been asked what our success rate is and the truth is because we want to present the truth to our current and perspective patients we don’t use success rates but instead over the years have kept track of how many babies were born while their parents were on our program.

Why don’t we use success rates?

Dr. Geoffrey Sher has published an informative blog post outlining some of the deficiencies in the current SART/CDC IVF success rate model. Specifically he mentions:

  • Currently all data collected is self reported by the member clinics and is not audited by a third party.
  • Spot checks are performed on only approximately 10% of member clinics
  • These spot checks verify the number of live births but do not verify the total number of cycles performed by the clinic. This means that the success rate reported by the clinic still remains unverified.
  • The current method of measuring success categorizes success rates by woman’s age and does not consider other important variables such as prior IVF failures and cause of infertility.
  • Often success rates are based on pregnancy rates and not live birth rates.

Stacey and Jaclyn are not against IVF (Jaclyn conceived her children through IVF) and they both would recommend IVF if appropriate however its important to note that the numbers cited on this website are from live birth rates. only and due to there not being a procedure and two weeks later an outcome, due to all the variables addressed, it isn’t possible to compare IVF success rates with the results from her natural fertility program, The Five Step Fertility Solution outlined in her books The Fertility Bible and the newest version available at this affiliate link on Amazon The Baby Maker’s Guide to Getting Pregnant.

There are many options available for men and women who are trying to conceive, however few people have the experience that Stacey and Jaclyn have when addressing fertility issues.

With Stacey’s experience in both conventional and complimentary medicine as well as functional medicine practices and Jaclyn’s experience treating fertility clients plus her own IVF journey patients receive a unique indepth personalized program that is rarely matched by others.

Over 7000 babies have been born through Sharkey’s Healing Centre’s program.  Most of these parents were told it wasn’t likely going to happen for them.

All our consultations are face to face via online video services.

At this point Stacey is located in the United States and Jaclyn has a physical clinic in Tasmania.

Stacey has created the Fertility Mentoring Program for health professionals wanting to expand their knowledge in the area of women’s health and couples fertility.

You can find more information about the Baby Maker Network’s Fertility Mentoring Program HERE.