This tip discusses one facet of what I believe you really should know when you are on this journey, because no one it is highly likely no one is telling you.

I consider myself to be a very tolerant person and I am the first to admit there are different schools of thought out there in regards to fertility. I also want you to know that I have a lot of respect for doctors especially the ones that take the time to educate and care for their patients.  But when I see people just like you being pushed into something they don’t want to do without properly educating you in all the options, it makes my blood boil. It reminds me of the schoolyard bully.

So many people come to me saying they were told there was no other way to become pregnant, without having an assisted procedure such as IVF, IUI, etc, even if they were pregnant naturally before.  OR they were told that there was no way their situation could be improved and IVF was their only option, or that they are in early menopause (even when blood tests say that they weren’t) and their only hope was to get into IVF as quickly as possible, or that they aren’t getting any younger and they left it so late so they had better do cycle after cycle to increase their chances or that there is no known cause for their fertility issues but since Clomid didn’t work, the only next step available to them is IVF.  Then 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, 7 years+ later after they are beaten to the core both emotionally and physically they hear about us or decide to come back to us because they haven’t created the life that they long for.

Now remember I fully support anyone who chooses IVF or any assisted procedure, but let me ask you, what pushed you or someone you know into IVF or any assisted procedure?  What technique is readily used by some (certainly not all) medical professionals to move you into more drugs with very little long term studies about how it effects your health? Its a great sales technique, and it is fear.

I want to share an article with you.  I will put it in the Fertility Tips under the title of Medicalisation and you can have a read for yourself.  Its not about fertility per se but it will open up your eyes and empower you to make educated decisions about your fertility.

It talks about how Fear is used to get people to focus on a condition  in your case,”infertility” and get you to take medication (which can land you in the emergency room with hyperstimulation) for “unexplained issues”, that they would never even dream of taking if they haven’t been experiencing fertility issues.  Or instead of addressing the causes for PCOS for example which can be addressed successfully for the majority of women with a series of straightforward steps including lifestyle changes, many women are told they will never be able to have children and the rest are medicated instead of educated to decrease or eliminate their symptoms.

Again, not all IVF specialists and GP’s do this and hopefully yours does not. More doctors are starting to pay attention to their patients instead of the drug reps.  But after receiving thousands of emails in the last 2 weeks telling me what has happened in their lives and how desperate and horrible they feel, I know it is happening too often.

Educating and addressing the whole person, not medicating a condition is what is missing many times.

So if you ever feel pressured to have a treatment (IVF or natural) or if you ever feel rushed or pushed into something because you are told you are running out of time, please sit back for a minute and ask yourself, “does this feel like a sales pitch?”  Get a second opinion from a different fertility group or natural health professional and see what their results have been.  Whenever you hear, “this is your only option” or the chances of you becoming pregnant naturally are nonexistent or less than 5%, or you better hurry because time is running out, ask why and don’t stop asking until you get a satisfactory answer.  If I recommend something I will always back it up with studies or experiences which back up the results. There are usually always other options to consider.  Don’t make your decision out of fear, make it after weighing all sides of the story and what feels right for you.  That way you will go into whatever program(s) you decide to go with, not feeling anxious but feeling confident in what you decided.

Stop and take a breath, don’t be swayed by fear tactics.  Make a decision that best supports you and your partners beliefs.  Letting the fear of not having a baby right now rule your decision making isn’t going to get you closer to what you want.  Looking at all your options and even combining some approaches may be your best bet.