One thing that is great about the New Year is you can always start with a fresh slate.  Set your New Year’s resolution and say “this is the year I am going to…”.  Right?  That is all nice in theory but the fact is, is that most people don’t follow through on it.  So what can you do to make this year what you always wanted.  Instead of setting goals, hopes, and prayers based on fear or what you don’t want, set your goals, hopes and prayers towards what you do want.

Most people are really good at knowing what they don’t want but not many people think about what they do want.

Now you might be saying, well I know exactly what I want and that is a baby. But I am here to tell you that after seeing so many couples from all over the world, if you dig a little deeper under that desire to have a child, most people I see, are still focused on wanting a child because they “don’t want to alone”, “don’t want to be incomplete”, “don’t want to be looked at or considered not good enough”, “don’t want to be less of a woman or less of a man because they aren’t a parent”, or “don’t want feel like a failure if they don’t have a ‘family’”.  There are also people who want a child to be able to share their lives, enhance their lives, or add to their already wonderful and joyful lives who are motivated to have a child out of love, not fear.  Which one are you? Are you sure?

One way you can find out is by asking yourself, “Why is it important to me to have a child?”  And when you come up with that answer, ask yourself, “Why is that important to me?” then ask yourself again, and so on.  And if all of the answers are about what you want, Fantastic.  But if any of them are about what you don’t want (that’s relatively common, by the way) and are based on fear then this is a good time to refocus and let those beliefs go.  Focus on wanting to add to an already wonderful life rather than filling a gap or a hole because I guarantee you, no one or no thing can fill that hole for you.  Only you can.

When you come up with your answers to the “Why is this important to me” question, and a negative thought or statement comes up, that is okay.  Its just information for you.  Take that information and

1)Acknowledge it (I didn’t say accept it)

2) Ask yourself when did I decide this?  For example, if you had a thought like
“because if I don’t have a family than there is something wrong with me, I am
not good enough”  ask yourself when you decided this and see what picture comes
to mind.

3) From there, ask yourself “okay, what can I learn from this that will be
constructive for me and for the future”

4) Listen to what you have to say

5) Take action if necessary

6) Let the negative, destructive thought or emotion go and

7) Focus on receiving life

The fact that you are going through issues with your fertility can help to make you a better parent when that times comes IF you utilize this time to become more healthy, more whole, more of the person who you are truly meant to be.

You are truly a loveable, capable, and wonderful person. Allow yourself to acknowledge that and let go of thoughts that destroy your inner self and spirit. Changing these thoughts will actually change and create new neural networks in your brain, balance the secretion of hormones in your body and improve your chances to conceive by improving your physiology.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

All the best,


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