Sharkey’s Healing Centre has operated a successful practice from from the 1980’s. has been an extension of Sharkeys since the early 2000’s and has expanded its reach to help couples all over the world.

SR thumbnailAbout Stacey “The Baby Maker” Roberts

Former physical therapist turned herbalist and naturopath Stacey Roberts has been involved in health care since 1989 in both conventional and complementary medicine. Stacey is an internationally recognized natural fertility and women’s health expert who consults with individuals and couples to create a specialized program to enhance their health and for couples their chance to conceive. Stacey has assisted people in over 32 countries with improving their overall health and wellbeing by addressing their physical, physiological, and emotional health with complementary products and services.  Sharkeys Healing Centre, and has worked with clients who have created over 7000 babies while on her Five Step Fertility Solution program.  Most were told it would never happen for them.

Stacey is an international speaker, and best selling author. Her best selling book The Fertility Bible: Your Five Step Fertility Solution to Becoming Pregnant Naturally or with IVF is available at her clinic and on smart phones around the world. She has authored and or co authored over 7 books/ebooks on fertility issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Secondary Fertility Issues, Unexplained Fertility Issues, Recurrent Miscarriage, Male Fertility and Fertility Over 40 and has been featured on  World News Now in New York, A Current Affair, Oprah, filmed by the Discovery Channel , Sunrise in Sydney, and WIN TV among other radio and television shows in the US and Australia. Stacey and Sharkey’s have been featured in the popular magazines Australia Vogue and Grazia. Newspapers such as the Gold Coast Bulletin and Brisbane’s Courier Mail have featured Stacey and the Sharkey’s team as well. Sharkeys Healing Centre under the direction of Stacey has received the 2007 Stevie Award for the Best Overall Company in Asia (Subcontinent Australia and New Zealand).

Stacey has given talks and seminars on fertility, hormone health, musculoskeletal assessment, women’s health issues, how to create what you want in life and how to get rid of what is holding you back from creating optimal health now. She believes strongly in the mind-body relationship and that you cannot separate the two. Stacey balances the traditional approach with science by constantly searching and reviewing new studies and articles on various health topics.  Treating the whole person is a priority for Stacey when helping her patients and clients to achieve long- term health and wellbeing.

Stacey is continuing to develop and enhance programs to optimize womens health and couples fertility and pre and postnatal care programs to promote overall hormone health by using a 5 step process she created to address nutrient depletion and optimize hormone function.  Stacey also uses high quality nutritional products as well as traveling through USA and Australia holding workshops and giving talks around the world.

Recently Stacey The Baby Maker has expanded to the United States where she is seeing patients and mentoring other practitioners in her 5 Step Fertility Solution. The Baby Maker Network is the first Fertility Mentoring Program for practitioners to specialize in natural fertility programs.  It is the most comprehensive program offered for those interested in helping couples conceive.