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Jaclyn is a Naturopath who began specialising in women’s health and wellness after she graduated with a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Southern Cross University in 2003. She now combines 18 years of clinical experience with additional studies in NLP, Hypnotherapy and HypnoBirthing to help her patients reach their health, fertility and wellness goals.

With a clinical focus on fertility and IVF preparation, pregnancy care, birth and postpartum support Jaclyn loves to help her patients create the pregnancy and baby that they’ve been dreaming of and supporting them all the way through to parenthood. This then often progresses into long term health care for hormones, stress and energy.

Jaclyn first began working at Sharkey’s and naturalfertility.com in 2005 which is where her passion for fertility first started. Along with the Stacey, Jaclyn was featured on Nine Network’s A Current Affair, filmed for the Discovery Channel and interviewed for National newspapers.

Jaclyn moved to Dubai in 2009 to help in the establishment of one of the region’s leading Wellness facilities, helping patients from all around the world reach optimal health through health assessments and strategic health, dietary and lifestyle plans. Her work here was regularly featured in Dubai media: radio, magazine and television.

Between 2011 and 2014 Jaclyn and her husband underwent their own IVF journey, helping to create their 3 children. It was through this lived experience that she recognises the full physical, emotional and mental support that a couple needs on their journey through fertility struggles, into parenthood.

Along with being the Clinical Director of Natural Fertility Co and Sharkey’s, Jaclyn is the Owner and Director of Spa 180 in Bridport, a spa and wellness retreat in Tasmania. Jaclyn passionately believes that proactive and preventative wellness is the key to feeling emotionally, mentally and physically well because it is critical to her thriving in her own life. 

For both her fertility, pregnancy and general health patients, Jaclyn uses Naturopathic care deeply embedded with self-care strategies. Inspiring people to make conscious and proactive choices for their mental, emotional and physical health is one of Jaclyn’s main focuses. It’s this inspired action that people take that Jaclyn truly believes is what creates a positive experience in our health and wellbeing, and fertility journey, even when we face challenges.

Being supported by Jaclyn for your fertility or general health is like travelling with an experienced world explorer, she obtains all the information that she needs to create the most efficient journey for a person to reach their desired destination. Jaclyn combines the knowledge of a professional along with the passion of someone who has also taken the journey herself.

When Jaclyn isn’t working with her patients, or at her Wellness Retreat, Spa 180, you’ll find her enjoying time with her 3 little girls by the beach in Bridport, Tasmania.

We are proud to share these words with you from Stacey from July 2021:

“Since 2004 I have had the privilege of supporting thousands of families to enhance their fertility to help them become pregnant and create the little life they longed for.

At this time I stepped into the Baby Maker role handed over to me by Ruth Sharkey who personally trained me in her original methodology. Over the last 18 years I added in science, research and clinical expertise to expand the programs and methodology to evolve and become even more effective.

And now as I pursue further studies to become a Nurse Practitioner I have personally selected Jaclyn Harris to become Clinical Director of naturalfertility.com and Sharkey’s Healing Centre. She will take over the role of Australia’s BabyMaker.

Already a university qualified Naturopath, Jaclyn first started working at Sharkey’s in 2005. This is when I trained her in the Sharkey’s natural fertility methods and then with a thirst for education she also completed my BabyMaker Mentoring program in 2015 with over 60 hours of additional instruction. This has prepared Jaclyn who has her own 3 children from IVF procedures to have not only the knowledge, but a heartfelt understanding of what couples who are dealing with fertility issues are experiencing. Partly because of her 18 years of experience but mostly because of her dedicated passion to helping couples enhance their fertility and become pregnant, I trust Jaclyn implicitly to continue taking care of my patients, as well as to meet all the new families that come through naturalfertility.com and Sharkey’s.

I congratulate Jaclyn on her new role as Clinical Director/Owner and I look forward to seeing the evolution of Natural Fertility Co and Sharkey’s with her leadership and expertise.”

Creation Stories

” I am pregnant! My embryo transfer was positive!  I am so grateful to you and your team for the time you have given me over the last 12months, I know I wouldn’t be pregnant without your wonderful herbs (love potion is what we call it).  You do wonderful work and are truly eager to help people. “


” Not sure if you remember my husband and I but we owe you a world of gratitude.  Our son Dean was born August 25th and he is the most precious little thing we have ever seen.  Thank you a thousand times over for your help in bringing him to the world.  As all parents we think he is the cutest baby and he’s also a good baby.  Very happy and content.  He’s also been sleeping through the night since he was 61/2 weeks old.  What a legend! Thanks again for all your help. “

Paul and Leah

” Thank you so much for the herbs you made up for my husband and I.  We now have a beautiful healthy boy.  After 3 years of trying your program worked.  We are extremely happy to have a baby we can call our son.  We love him dearly and can’t thank you enough for helping us create this beautiful little being. “

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